We are certified to perform the yearly testing of backflow preventers. We can also repair, replace and install new devices. Here is the full list of what we do:

  • Testing

  • Installation

  • Repairs

Backwater valves are installed on waste lines to prevent waste water from backing up into a house or business. For Example: after heavy rainfall the towns sewer lines can be overwhelmed and flow back into your home through the drain lines.

Backflow preventers are installed on the main water supply line (clean water) coming into a home or commercial business. It is installed to prevent any water from flowing back into a municipalities water source.  An example of this would be: you left a hose in a soapy bucket while washing your car and the fire department opened a fire hydrant down the street causing a drop in the water pressure and the soapy water possibly being sucked back into the city’s water supply. It prevents this from happening. Its job is to protect the clean water your town provides.

Certified back flow testers test these devices yearly when the city’s & towns don’t test them themselves. These devices both serve to protect homeowners and commercial businesses. One protects you from waste water and one protects your clean drinking water.