I moved into a new house.  After about a week, my wife and I found some plumbing problems (not an emergency but issues nonetheless).  I called on Riley Plumbing on Wednesday and quickly set up an appointment for Thursday at noon.  Noting that I worked close by and the plumber may be a little late, I gave them my cell phone number to give me a heads up 15 minutes before they arrived.

At 11:45am the next day, Charlie from Riley Plumbing called me saying he would be there at noon.  I went back home and he met me there promptly at noon.

Charlie did a great job and fixed the problem.  As he was leaving, he called me to explain the problems, how he fixed them, and how to avoid future issues.

Of note, I have a friendly beagle at home.  Charlie was more than considerate of her and her extra friendliness.  There was not need to lock her up as he was flat out fantastic dealing with her while I left him do his work.

Bottom line: I highly recommend Riley Plumbing for your next plumbing problem.  They are easy to schedule with, on time, and do a great job.  What more do you want with a Plumber?